Therapeutic Listening

Therapeutic Listening Programs such as Vital Links Therapeutic Listening and Integrated Listening Systems use sound in combination with sensory integrative techniques including movement, postural and breath work, and visual activities  to support a variety of functional outcomes.  All of our senses (touch, movement, smell, taste, hearing and vision) work together to help us understand and interact effectively with our world. In particular, sound combined with movement provides vital information about the orientation of the body in space and time that forms the basis of sensory motor function and perceptual organization. For this reason, listening programs incorporated into a sensory- motor  treatment typically results in positive changes including improvements in:

    •    Attention                                 
    •    Organization of behavior
    •    Self-regulation
    •    Postural Control
    •    Coordination of Body Sides
    •    Oral motor Skills / Articulation
    •    Motor planning
    •    Fine Motor Skills
    •    Visual-Motor Integration
    •    Social Skills/ Communication

Children typically participate in a therapeutic listening program for 2-6 months as part of their program at home and in within treatment in the clinic. Music is combined with activities to facilitate attention, organization, postural control and movement resulting in overall improvements in sensory- motor skills, attention and organization and emotional regulation.

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