Sensory Integration

Sensory Integration treatment is designed to support an individual's ability to process and integrate sensory information so he or she can interact more comfortably with others; engage more successfully in movement, play, self-care, work, and learning activities; and better regulate social and emotional responses. Treatment typically includes:
  • A thorough assessment of each person's sensory-motor skills and unique sensory processing profile
  • Direct treatment including activities rich in movement, touch, deep pressure, auditory, and visual information
  • Environmental modifications that support organized integration of sensory information
  • A "sensory diet" of daily activities and routines designed to support organization of the nervous system

At Play2Grow we take an individualized, holistic approach to treatment considering how to best support the needs of a child or adult across all the activities, relationships and environments in which he or she participates.  

Parent Perspectives  . . .

“We have been taking our nine-year old son to see Deborah Ferguson for nearly five years. Our son’s condition has been described as “very complex” by several seasoned professionals including his developmental pediatrician, his counselors, his teachers and his naturopathic physician. Deborah has been there every step of the way, teaching us to understand our son’s behavior and alter it through sensory processing and play-based interventions. Over the years we have found Deborah to be analytical, observant, and dedicated. She has been willing to take the time to write detailed reports, to attend school meetings, to visit our home and classroom and to provide practical solutions to fit each environment. Since controlling our son’s sensory experience has been one of the most consistent and successful ways of regulating him, Deborah’s support has been invaluable to us. What we love about Deborah is her ability to come down to our son’s level and connect with him regardless of his mood that day. Her ability to develop a rapport with him through endless creative and engaging solutions are what we think make Deborah an outstanding OT.  Thank you so much Deb!”

 - Parents of a young boy with sensory regulatory, social, emotional and behavioral concerns

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