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We provide comprehensive developmental intervention for children and adults with neurodevelopmental delays, sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorder, communication delays and challenges in social-emotional development. Our association of professionals includes a psychologist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist who provide individual and collaborative therapy services in clinic, home and community settings.


Clinic, Home and Community

Neurodevelopmental Treatment
Sensory Integration Treatment
 Therapeutic Feeding Intervention
Therapeutic Listening
Interactive Metronome
Augmentative Communication
Play Therapy
DIR/Floortime Intervention
Intensive Intervention for Young Children with Autism
Parent Counseling & Coaching

We believe

  • In the potential of each person
  • In the power of supportive relationships and environments to foster growth
  • In celebrating the diversity of skills, personalities, and perspectives that enrich us all
  • In lifelong learning for people of all abilities



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