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We provide comprehensive developmental intervention for children and adults with neurodevelopmental delays, sensory processing disorders, autism spectrum disorder, communication delays and challenges in social-emotional development. Our association of professionals includes a psychologist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist who provide individual and collaborative therapy services in clinic, home and community settings.


Clinic, Home and Community

Neurodevelopmental Treatment
Sensory Integration Treatment
DIR/Floortime Intervention
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Couples & Family Therapy
Therapeutic Feeding Intervention
Therapeutic Listening
Interactive Metronome
Parent Counseling & Coaching
Teacher & Provider Training
Hanen " It Takes Two to Talk"
PROMPT Treatment for Motor-Speech Disorders
Social Skills Groups

We believe

  • In the potential of each person
  • In the power of supportive relationships and environments to foster growth
  • In celebrating the diversity of skills, personalities, and perspectives that enrich us all
  • In lifelong learning for people of all abilities



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